Park Active for NHS Trusts

Could Park Active help ease your hospital’s parking pressures?

Park Active enables hospital staff to park off-site and travel safely on foot or bike to work.  The British Parking Association is working with NHS Estates and Facilities to select a series of pilot Park Active schemes to operate from this autumn.  These schemes will benefit from free consultancy advice to help broker off-site Park Active provision. To be considered as a potential Park Active pilot, you just need to be able to tick the following three boxes:

  • Is there pressure on existing hospital parking?
  • Are you aware of available off-site parking nearby?
  • Are there safe walking and/or cycling routes between the two?

Download the Guide for NHS Trusts

Park Active is an innovative concept integrating effective parking management with active travel. Park Active involves a modal shift from car to walking or cycling to complete the last 10-15 minutes of a journey.  Guidance from the BPA provides a practical framework and brand for local authorities and the private sector to develop their own Park Active sites as nationally recognised and respected active travel solutions.  

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